We Are HERE! Raleigh SuperCon!

The day has come. Our first big Comic Convention as a Vendor! Both Brendan and I are super excited in the big leagues of attempting to make a business from making nerdy things. Best part because of our name 2 Bros and a Bard, we are listed first in the Con Book! Sometimes good to be number one.

We are first in line. We are cool with that!
Underground loading dock and a S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV. Kinda perfect actually.

The big leagues of being a vendor at conventions has a big drawl back as the vendor costs are a lot higher than normal craft and art fairs that we have done thus far, but the rewards could be high as many more people come from all over to see the con and visit the vendor areas. We have high hopes on this with having a novel and specific craft that perhaps people would like to buy from us.

As everyone knows, Cons start early for the vendors as we come in earlier to setup. Raleigh SuperCon is the first year they have done it in Raleigh since its a Con from Florida, but they had people come in as early as Wednesday to setup the larger booths. We had a cheaper small table booth in the artist alley area and I had just made and finished our simple, yet easy 2×4 lumber table display yesterday. Basically in the nick of time considering I didn’t start the design till Monday. Finish in 2 day’s isn’t bad at all for about $50 and its modular!

We had a few things to finish up for the booth today before we went to the convention hall, but the good thing was the fact that they were open till 11pm so I can spend a little more time refining the whole display. I used one section with a window screen as our way to display hanging jewelry. I made some slotted wood sections in two pieces that would snap together and sandwich the screen using magnets. It was a great idea and I think it’ll work. Not like we are holding up 40lbs of something; just lots of of little things.

Our booth first built.
Our jewelry display.

The other note was that Brendan finished up making some cool bronze bells that really ring loudly and I wanted a way to display them. Unknown to us till this week, we had a corner table and I made the table display more into a corner display. I asked before hand and the con didn’t care as long as I didn’t use a table there and I didn’t encroach on the behind us. So this worked out well.

Our booth in all of it’s glory.

The last minute idea was the corner shelf, wrapped in black cloth and a way to hold our sign, which again turned out well. At this point I haven’t slept since Sunday and its Thursday. We get as much stuff done, grabbed the booth materials and drove 15 mins to Raleigh to setup around 9pm. We arrived with free cake (it wasn’t a lie!) and setup our booth in less than 30 mins. Most of my stress evaporated once I saw the thing up.

Other then that, its time to pack up the merchandise and sleep some.

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