SuperCon Weekend was a Blast

With our display up and our stuff out, Friday was a late start and started off slow. A friend walked by before opening and bought a set of Zelda coasters to what would be a great weekend as our largest event thus far. Even had some Celebrity visits that was icing on the cake.

I got to meet Data!

Having a little time to sleep after being up for what is essentially 4 days, I was still a bit tired, but excited. I tried to practice my pitch line that Brendan wrote for me, but I kept failing at it because it’s his personal and his pitch line. I made my own up that was more fluid that got people interested in the process instead of a made up, fantasy lore story about robots and bards (even though it’s cool).

I had a goal for the day was to break away and meet Brent Spiner who played as Data from Star Trek. He was the very first cosplay character that I portrayed when I was 8 years old so it meant a lot for me to finally meet him in person. I ended up giving him one of our large 2 feet long startrek cutting boards and he gave me a signed photo! I got to talk to him for a good 10 mins or so, but the best part was that on Sunday, he stopped to just to specifically see us and our other work. I got to talk to Brent Spiner for about 15 mins talking about wood. Highlight of the weekend.

Also at the same time on Saturday, I stopped by to see Mike Sinterniklaas from Team Venture Bros. I’ve worked with him before from Animazement and other Con days when I volunteered, so he knew me already by name. I gave him a Tetris cutting board and a challenge. I made him play with a small wooden puzzle that I made last year to play with. He spent a good 20 mins while he was trying to talk to other fans and it was hilarious watching him struggle.

Everyone once in a while, he would put it down to talk to another fan, sign a photo, engage for a second and in that time of 30 to 60 seconds, I would either solve or unsolve the puzzle. It made him mad. I would repeat that like 10 times right in front of him, but he gave up. He ended up signing the middle piece as a good measure.

All in all, we both had a great time at the con despite the high cost to attend as a vendor and it was financially a great weekend for us as our first year of being a small craft business. Hopefully we can do many more of these, have fun and make more cool things!

Mike Sinterniklaas attempting to solve one of my wooden puzzles.
Celebs coming to us!
Some items on our triangle shelf.
Our cheeseboards and mouse pads on display.
Almost golden like bronze bell.
Deadpool cheeseboard.
Other assortment of nerdy wood products we made.

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