I’m Married!

Lee and I married at last!

I’m very happy to announce that I no longer have to check the box single on any government form and can now check the box “Married”! Having been together for over two years after helping her move to Apex back on July 29, 2015 after I got off work and offered to help, we have been inseparable since. We took our first trip together alone a month later and the rest is our little history. I’m very excited to have such a loving partner who ‘gets me’ for being me and actually enjoys my company.

The Plan
I proposed last year when we both went on our two week long trip to Hawaii, visiting the Big Island and Oahu; her first time visiting Hawaii as well as being the most West she has ever traveled. We didn’t have any idea or set plan on on a wedding, but between us both, we weren’t too keen on an outlandish wedding. We really wanted to hang out and have fun without all of the stresses, hassles or expenses for a show that is really meant for others. She and I are simple; probably the reason we both get along and never argued in the two years we’ve been together.

Last month we had the idea of getting married in August with no real need to rush or anything. If we were together, why wait and why not? We hatched the outline of our idea that we would do it the Friday between our birthday’s; mostly again because we are simple, cheesy and funny to do it then, but didn’t really became serious until the week before. We looked into each other’s eye’s and made the expression ‘we doing this or what?’ all in an eye roll with my response being a hand gesture of “f*&@ yeah! Let’s do it”.

We didn’t do all the norms of a wedding announcement and in fact we didn’t do anything normal since I’ve met her, which is the way I like it and keeps things interesting. Plus other people go “oh that’s so Jeff”, which has morphed into “oh that’s so you two”. We finally told people a few day’s before for immediate friends and family and didn’t make a facebook post about till today. Catches people off guard with a wow factor but also I honestly didn’t want 200 people to show up. All in all, we had about 20 close friends come and hang out at our place of choice, Raleigh Beer Garden.

Having worked the night before, my soon to be lovely wife Lee was struggling as we went to bed around 2 am. Planning to wake up at 9 to get ready to be at the Wake County Court House in downtown Raleigh around 10 am. In our haste, I completely forgot that I had to learn how to tie a knot for my suit tie that Lee bought me a few days before. I only own one tie and its not really mine; I tied it back in 2008 and that was it. I just slip it on and off when I need to. Funny, but at this moment it wasn’t. I was stressing. I just went onto you-tube and watched a tutorial for a few mins and did it, but it obviously looked bad.

We got to the Register of Deeds to do the paperwork a little past 10:30 am after getting a fantastic parking spot on Fayetteville Street a block away with the BMW Z3, our next hurdle was the actual paperwork. Neither of us knew what was involved, other then going there and filling ‘stuff’ out. Lee was prepared bringing all of her documents, I however didn’t know I had to know more of my family history then I was lead on to believe, but I winged it like a midterm paper and getting it right.

Our friends and family was waiting on the 9th floor of the court house and to our surprise it was the least busy Friday they ever had; we were number 3 when it could have easily been 30 and waiting in line. Having my close friends and their parents there made it feel much more important than just my folks and a few friends, it was awe inspiring that being kind of last minute and loosely planned that all of the stars, moons and whatever dots were lined up and made me feel as though this was truly suppose to happen like this.


‘I am Groot’
We got married around 11 am with no one but our party in sight. The magistrate was already prepared for us and seemed genuinely happy to be there, I mean that’s a pretty good gig honestly. Happy people wanting to see you at your work?

The room was eerily quite like a sound booth despite having 20 or so people in it all look at Lee and I filling out the last paperwork that would list us as ‘single’. I nervously signed my name and not sure if I even did that well because I was trying to mentally prepare myself trying to reach into my inside jacket pocket for the ring box and custom rings I had made the few days prior.

The magistrate instructed me for the rings, I pull it out with fumbling and immediately felt more secure about not messing up; that was half my battle, the other half was saying ‘I do”. He instructs us to grab a ring, but the way he said it, I didn’t understand so I put my hand out first thinking the ring was going on me first, which I knew in my mind didn’t seem right, but I did it anyhow because that’s how I was instructed.

“Oh okay, lets do you first instead” as the magistrate says as though it was my fault for not understanding, but I exhaled it off and Lee grabs a ring from the box while everyone else gawked at us from the pew seats of the court room. The whole ‘do you take this woman’ phase and me repeating it and I had the moment of thought, I should be funny as the funny kid that I am. I knew this was my moment, and I would only get this one chance.

“Do you take this woman to be your wife?”

“I am goot.”

Everyone starts laughing and I immediately apologize with a kind of laughter that would make kittens roll over in cuteness. I backed it up saying “Yes, Yes! I do!”

With everyone being thrown off their feet still, Lee gets her turn and says I do too with a nice big kiss right after. ¬†We all celebrate with a photo and lunch afterwards. It was lovely, nice, quick, easy and exactly how I wanted it to be. Maybe not what others have in mind for a wedding, but lets face it, for the price of one wedding, Lee and I could be driving more happily in a top down brand new BMW Z4 instead… That idea alone is a better option. Lee agrees with me.

Lee, I and the BMW Zed 3
Friends enjoying a bit of board games afterwards

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