I was born in the USA, but my first memories was being partially raised in Tokyo, Japan in the early 90’s. Growing up in such a technologically advanced, large urban landscape was a seemingly calming experience that everything else tends to be alien when I eventually returned to the states.

My father worked for Nortel Networks as a network project manager and I was always surrounded with the latest gizmos, gadgets and computers so I owe it to him for my curiosity towards anything technical and mechanical. I always enjoyed learning, tearing things apart and understanding things fundamentally that tends to miss others.

I have spent most of my life in North Carolina, going to NCSU and a few other trade schools learning whatever hit my curiosity.  Through it all, I ended up being a professional photographer for most of my adult life thus far and mostly by accident after winning tickets to a motorcycle race in California; probably the greatest prize I have won.

My latest grand adventure after a major motorcycle accident has been my love and passion for woodworking and crafting using exotic woods, silicon bronze and genuine leather to make interesting nerdy artworks.