Happy Birthday to Us

Yes, It’s that time for my thing around the Star that we seem to celebrate for not dying. After getting married on Friday, I didn’t want to go out so I stayed in and cooked some steaks, had a celebratory cigar and wine with my lovely wife of 5 days! Technically this is both of our birthday celebrations.

Our first cigar, I think we know how to smoke this thing.

I’m Married!

Lee and I married at last!

I’m very happy to announce that I no longer have to check the box single on any government form and can now check the box “Married”! Having been together for over two years after helping her move to Apex back on July 29, 2015 after I got off work and offered to help, we have been inseparable since. We took our first trip together alone a month later and the rest is our little history. I’m very excited to have such a loving partner who ‘gets me’ for being me and actually enjoys my company.
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The RAID 5 recovery story

I lost my valuable RAID 5 setup on my main computer earlier in the year and didn’t spend too much time trying to fix it since then, but safe to say that I was able to match the drives correctly and recover all the disks without corruption! I almost felt a little bit like hacking doing the whole check sum analysis using the recovery software. First picture I recovered was of my Lee from our Hawaii trip last year just to make sure the image came through.

My photos recovered which included family photos.

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