The Wooden Wedding Rings

This week I spent time researching and building how to make better wooden rings. I made a set of wooden ones for the engagement rings, but Lee destroyed her’s within two days and this time I wanted to be at least a little more Lee resistant. Maybe not Lee proof, but enough to hold it together longer than two days.

Fancy because its exotic Zebra wood.

I found plans on how to make rings from wood veneer and CA wood super glue on a lathe so having all three I tried the idea.

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Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop in Cary

Today I randomly went and drove the Z3 to Klingspor in Raleigh to checkout what they have new and see the guys at the store. To my surprise, when they arrived, they had moved to Cary off of Highway 64 about a mile from my house! I caught one guy still at store cleaning off the shelf and had a few items left to sell off and grabbed the last board of Chechen.

Who needs a truck to get wood? Take the top down!

I basically drove from one Kilngspor to the other in a convertible BMW Z3 with a piece of lumber sticking out like Tony Stark in Iron Man 2. I thought it was funny to post it up and people of Instagram thought so too.

Sawdust Hamburger

  • Working on a bunch of random projects today using various exotic woods meant that the saw dust coming out of my table saw is kinds mixed. I knew this so I kept my dust collector off, put a small piece of wood behind the table saw crosscut sled that I made and went to down on my projects. Sure enough, it creates a cool layered effect like geology, but you still don’t want to eat.
Looks good, but don’t eat!

We Are HERE! Raleigh SuperCon!

The day has come. Our first big Comic Convention as a Vendor! Both Brendan and I are super excited in the big leagues of attempting to make a business from making nerdy things. Best part because of our name 2 Bros and a Bard, we are listed first in the Con Book! Sometimes good to be number one.

We are first in line. We are cool with that!
Underground loading dock and a S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV. Kinda perfect actually.

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Cute Kitten’s Earrings in the Baking

With the Raleigh Supercon ever so close now, I wanted to make some more of my super cute, wooden kitten dangling earrings that I had made for previous craft fairs. Using Yellowheart and Purpleheart, they would be perfect contrast for the fun loving jewelry pieces. Once I sprayed them with lacquer, they almost looked like I was baking a batch of yellow cat cookies.

One is not like the other.

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Wooden Gem Stones

After coming back from a small craft fair a few months ago, I had the idea of using the more interesting pieces of scrap wood I had that were very colorful and full of contrast from the wood grain to make into a gem stone like art piece for necklaces. I used selected Marble wood, Chechen and Padauk exotic woods to test this idea out.

From nothing to oh my god!

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