Cute Kitten’s Earrings in the Baking

With the Raleigh Supercon ever so close now, I wanted to make some more of my super cute, wooden kitten dangling earrings that I had made for previous craft fairs. Using Yellowheart and Purpleheart, they would be perfect contrast for the fun loving jewelry pieces. Once I sprayed them with lacquer, they almost looked like I was baking a batch of yellow cat cookies.

One is not like the other.

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Wooden Gem Stones

After coming back from a small craft fair a few months ago, I had the idea of using the more interesting pieces of scrap wood I had that were very colorful and full of contrast from the wood grain to make into a gem stone like art piece for necklaces. I used selected Marble wood, Chechen and Padauk exotic woods to test this idea out.

From nothing to oh my god!

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History of Down Vest response

I always enjoy taking things literal and injecting random discussion threads with notoriously long responses using facts and history. This time around a friend made a jest about vests being fashionable or not.

The winter down jacket was initially invented in 1936 by outdoorsman Eddie Bauer after almost dying from hypothermia during a fishing expedition. He created the vest to provide extra warmth with using goose down. In 1939, nylon, a man made filament fiber, was also invented and Bauer used nylon as the new material because of its lightweight, durability and having good tensile strength and abrasion resistance. This proved to be very important and popular with the US military and was mass produced for the Army Air Corps to keep soldiers and pilots in high atmosphere warm during bombing runs. While the product, down winter vest, was widely known and used within the service as well as outdoor activities such as hunting, it did not achieve fashion notoriety in the public mind until the late 60’s.
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